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Things That Every Student Should do in His Last Year of College

In your last year of college this is where you’re doing your final research project for your major. Depending on what that major is, it can be a real whopper. For example, if you’re a marketing major, your assignment may be to research a company from the ground up and report on how it became successful. You may also be asked to design a fictional company and market it from square one. Whatever the assignment you can be assured that it will be very time consuming. You won’t have as much free time to prepare for life after college as you think. Therefore it is a good idea to start on several things as early as possible so that they don’t pile up on you.

The first thing is deciding what comes after college. You basically have two choices here. You can either continue your education by going for a masters degree or you can decide that a BA is good enough and go out looking for a job.

In the case

Advantages of College Degree Online

The primary advantage to earning a quick college degree online is the learning format itself. Online learning is adjustable to the needs of the student, offering flexible class schedules and continuously available course materials. A student who carries the responsibilities of a full-time job and a family does not need to worry about fitting in class time. And the time frame is often perfect for the needs of the working student. In fact, many online programs are geared toward the working adult looking to earn a degree in a short period of time. Because of this, online colleges and universities have designed programs that teach more pertinent material in compressed frames of time. If a student goes into an online program with an Associate’s degree, it is possible to earn a bachelor’s degree in a year (as opposed to traditional college, where it would take 2-3 years or longer, depending on the degree program). For the student who has no prior college credits, it can take less than 2 years to earn a bachelor’s degree. The ability

Tips to Fund your Child’s College Education

1. The usual method of parental funding of college education is out of current income, that is out of your weekly or monthly salary.

Whilst this is the most common method of funding college education it is one that only the very rich or highly paid can afford to do with ease. Even if there are 2 salaries most families find it difficult and will require sacrifices, even more so if you have more than 1 child. At best most parents can only afford to contribute part of the costs of college education out of current income. Additional sources of income will be required.

2. Your child can work his or her way through college.

Many students have to work whilst studying but many find the experience of juggling a job, lectures and a social life very difficult. Often the result is that students drop out of college education, fail their exams or don’t do as well as they could.

3. Your child may have the opportunity to take out student loans to fund their college

About Art Colleges

1. Good choice?

Art school will definitely benefit you as an artist. Your innate talent will benefit from the proven concepts and techniques you can learn here. It may be that you already know the basics and the techniques of your art. Rest assured that there are always things the art school can teach you that you won’t already know.

Art school also develops in its students a love and appreciation for the different forms of art. It opens to the student new vistas of learning and expressing. Even if only for that reason, Art school would be worth every penny.

2. Who Is Art School Suited For?

Artists are a rare kind. They seem to be able to create masterpieces without complicated theories and computations. It’s as if they are moved by instinct to draw, paint, and create visually pleasing artworks. Some artists, when asked about their artwork, would simply shrug and say they didn’t know what motivated them, and they just felt like painting it. Art school should not aim to correct this freewheeling style of artistry. It should, however, provide the basic techniques and theories on art and creativity. Instead of

School Uniforms Point

There are some definite pros and cons of both sides, and strangely enough some of them are the same. Confused yet? It is simple really, take the following into consideration. One of the big arguments for school uniforms is that by using them and forcing the students to look alike you are taking out their individuality. This can be seen as a good thing because individuality can often cause trouble among people. The more they all look the same the less likely they are to fight and disturb each other. People claim that if all of the kids dressed the same in their school uniforms they would not have as much to pick on other for. Clothes can be a huge divider and if they are taken out of the equation by making use of school uniforms then what will there be left to fight about?

Personally, I think that this argument takes away the credit young people deserve when it comes to their ability to wreak havoc. Let’s face it, not everyone is going to look the same as the others even when they all dress alike. Some are bound to look better in the school

Tips to Pick A Film School

1. Know What You Want

First of all, you have to know what you want. Ask yourself what realm of filmmaking do you want to venture in or what kind of films do you want to work on in the future? Do you want to be an independent filmmaker or a simple film artist? There are so many film schools in the country as well as in other parts of the globe and each has its own expertise. Knowing what you want in the first place would allow you to focus your research and thus refine your choices for good film schools. Also, this would help you save time and effort in searching for schools as you have already eliminated those that may not fit your interest and criteria.

2. What Are Your Considerations?

After deciding on what area you want to concentrate, you should also identify your major considerations in choosing a particular film school.

– the affordability of film courses
– the facilities of the film school
– the accessibility and proximity of the school
– the film school’s reputation and quality of education

3. Don’t Skimp On Your Education

How to Pay For College

Many traditional colleges and universities offer a convenient payment plan, which can be divided up into 10-12 months. After determining the entire yearly cost, that figure would be divided by the number of monthly payments and paid at the college’s billing office. Payments are usually determined from one year to the next and students must finish paying for one year of college before entering into a payment arrangement for the next.

Every year, many students qualify for federal student loans. Applications and information can be obtained at a high school guidance counselor’s office and/or the college of interest’s billing office. Applications for student loans are accepted each year and are generally required to be submitted at, or near, each new year. In order to be considered, student’s must be willing and able to provide documented income for themselves and their family so that their loan application can be properly assessed.

Local businesses, organizations and even colleges often provide scholarships to students who they believe will excel at college studies. These scholarships are usually available to high school seniors and are based on a number of factors, including grades, participation in school activities, employment and a personal

College Degree Type

n fact, many career fields are not even accessible to someone if her or she does not have some type of college degree. Whether you earn a technical certificate, a liberal arts degree, or a professional degree, you will be prepared to enter some field in which you will have the knowledge and the ability to excel in what you are doing.

Though not unheard of, it is unusual to see someone rise through the ranks of an organization of any kind, especially on a managerial level, without at least some formal college training. Where a high school diploma used to be enough to secure at least an entry level position and allow a person to work his or her up through the organization by hard work alone, that is just simply not the case any longer. Earning some type of college degree prepares you not only for specific subject skills, but also equips you with communications and decision-making skills that are appropriate to the professional world, no matter what the field is. Even self-employed business owners might find it tough to succeed without some type of business training. Very few people have the innate ability to

About Class Meetings

Class meetings should be held regularly and not simply be used for addressing problems, although problem solution is a valid use of class meeting time. The purpose of class meetings is to increase students’ positive involvement with school, the teacher and each other; solve class problems; learn to think; build confidence, specifically in verbal ability; and bring relevance and usefulness to classroom instruction.

In a classroom, there are basically three types of class meetings. There is the social-problem-solving meeting, concerned with addressing some social behavior in school or the breaking of some classroom rule. There is the open-ended meeting, which is concerned with useful learning and the open discussion of a stimulating, useful and provocative subject. Finally, there is the education-diagnostic meeting, which is concerned with how well the students understand the concepts of a particular part of the curriculum.

Teachers need to be somewhat directive in the first meeting and thereafter as needed. Rules need to be established prior to the first class meeting or can even become the subject of discussion for the first class meeting. These rules need to be maintained throughout or discussed as a class if a need arises to change

How Students can Realize their Lifelong Goal of Becoming a Lawyer

1. Know what you want, and how to get it.

First, reflect on the reasons why you would like to pursue this career. If you are just looking for the ‘flash’ or recognition of becoming a lawyer, remember that becoming one is sheer hard work. Just like in every profession, you need to give yourself into studying, then working as a lawyer.

You may have this idealistic view as a kid that you want to save the world from the injustices that is why you would like to become a lawyer.

If you find yourself still passionate about this cause, there is no harm in pursuing your dreams.

More importantly, remember that once you decide on taking up law, you need to work very hard as a student.

2. Take off your rose-colored glasses.

You need to understand that not every student who takes up law ends up with a job as a lawyer once they graduate.

You will not necessarily end up as a courtroom hero saving an “innocent criminal” in this field.

You may find yourself dealing with real estate, corporate law, divorce cases, or even drafting up

Tips to Survive in College

The first thing that a student can do to prepare for his college education is to plan ahead. Write to the college for a catalogue. Get a list of courses offered. Get a handbook. Go to the admissions office. Get as much information about the college you plan to attend so you can prepare yourself for what lies ahead.

Check out any organizations the college has such as special clubs or support services. Knowing where to go based on what you need can save you a lot of time and anxiety.

Before you enrol, go to the campus. Pay them a visit. Meet with your financial aid councillor. Go to admissions. Meet with anyone you can who can help you get situated in your new surroundings especially the department chair of the major you’re planning.

Make sure you give yourself a tour of the whole campus. It’s good to know where everything is in advance. This way you’re not looking for things last minute and driving yourself crazy trying to find them.

When registration day comes, relax. These days are always long, boring and frustrating. These days are chaos for everyone involved, not just

Tips to Beat Homesickness when Begins Life on Campus

For starters, get involved! There are plenty of school activities you can do. Most colleges have fraternities and other social groups that are the core of on campus life. Just look at the campus calendar or newspaper and you’re bound to find a ton of things covering a number of interests. Go to a concert. Attend a sporting event. Just don’t sit around in your dorm room.

Outside of campus activities, there are also those things that you yourself enjoy doing. Got a hobby? Bring it with you to the campus. Maybe it’s even something that your roommate and you can share together. Bring some books if you like to read. That’s always a great way to kill time, especially if you’re reading something like “Lord Of The Rings”.

Another thing that will keep you busy and also be quite beneficial is to get organized. Don’t just let your college experience happen. Plan as many things as you can. Keep a datebook. Make sure you keep track of all homework assignments, tests and papers that are due and when. The last thing you want is to walk into class and realize that you had a test

How to Getting Scholarships

There are many ways to get scholarships. The traditional way and your main scholarship will be from good grades. There is no getting around that. A student at the top of his or her class with good SAT scores, when accepted to a college will most likely get a full or at least partial scholarship to the school of their choice. Of course a lot of this has to do with the school itself. The more elite schools will have stricter requirements for giving out scholarships. For example, a student applying to a county college may get a full scholarship for being number one or two in the class while that same student when applying to an Ivy League school may only get a partial scholarship or none at all. But again, good grades and SAT scores are only part of the equation.

The next part of the equation is economic need. There are many organizations who provide funds for students to go to school who simply can’t afford it. The main organization for this is FAFSA. A student’s first step in financing their education should be to file an application for financial aid with FAFSA. You

The SAT Exam

For those who don’t know what the SAT is, it is short for Scholastic Aptitude Test. It is given to young high school students who desire to get into a college after they have received their high school diploma.

The test itself is administered by the college board. This is a non profit organization that is dedicated to doing all it can to prepare students for the challenges they can expect to meet when attending a college. The college board itself was founded in 1900 and now has over 3,800 colleges and universities as part of its organization. The college board helps over 3 million students in over 22,000 high schools each year connect with over 3,500 colleges.

To take the SAT you have to register beforehand. You can either do this online or through your local high school by contacting your guidance councillor. After you have registered and paid your registration fee you are then contacted with the date, time and place where the test is being administered.

The SAT itself covers many aspects of knowledge including math, reading and writing skills. After the test is completed, the scores are calculated and are then

Tips to Choose a College

You’re about to get out of high school. You’ve decided you want to go to college. The question is, which one? How do you decide where you want to go? There are so many colleges to choose from sometimes the choice can be a tough one to make. You may be in a situation where you live in an area that contains a number of colleges and all good ones. How do you decide which is the best for you? What follows is a brief guide that hopefully will make the process a little easier.

When deciding on which college to apply to, which doesn’t guarantee you will get in, the first thing that must be considered above all others is what it is you want to do with your life. The major you choose will, or at least, should greatly influence the college you choose. For example, if you have decided that you want to major in communications and someday be a radio announcer you don’t want to pick a college that specializes in medicine and has a substandard communications program at best. This would be very counter productive. Naturally applying to a school that is

About Boarding School

Basically, a boarding school is one where the students not only go to school on campus but they also live on campus in a dormitory setting. It is sort of like college for younger students. Can you imagine being six or seven years old and living not with a family but instead with several other kids your own age? Each child either has a room of their own or perhaps shares a room with another child around their same age. Every boarding school has house parents or dorm parents that bring supervision to the children and teens and that provide parent-like comfort and safety.

Many young children cannot even handle going away from home for a week of summer camp. Children who attend a boarding school must learn quickly how to adjust to life without parents because they rarely get to go home and see their families throughout the year. Often children begin attending boarding school at the beginning of their schooling and they remain in boarding school until they complete high school. Some may go home for a Christmas holiday or for a visit in the summer months, but rarely do boarding school students have consistent

Popular Pharmacy Schools

University of Phoenix Online

For those who actually prefer a pharmacy program that is convenient and designed around their schedule you may want to check out the University of Phoenix. The University of Phoenix online caters to students like you who don’t have the time to attend a traditional pharmacy school.

The University of Phoenix online pharmacy school has the largest number of accredited online pharmacy degree programs when compared to other online pharmacy schools. The University of Phoenix was founded in 1976 and was one of the very first accredited universities to offer online college education with corresponding complete degree programs through the convenience of the internet. Many of their students are finishing their course work in as little as 2 to 3 years. The University of Phoenix online, is not just a pharmacy school, it actually offers a number of other health care related programs like healthcare management (masters and bachelor’s), health information and nursing.

Bryman College

Located throughout California is Bryman College, a pharmacy school which also offers various certificate programs in the following health care fields: Massage Therapy, Medical Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Dental Assisting as well as Medical Billing and

Teach Art And Drama In Schools

Today, many people are exposed to a culture that is so tarnished with modernity that they have forgotten just what real art and culture is like.

This is why it is important to teach arts and drama at school, to save future generations from being illiterate of what truly comprises culture. Drama often is associated with English, however it is not given any real focus.

How about dance? Dance is a part of physical education and is taught (sad to say) by teachers whose sole training was a short course that really interferes with their true inclination which is playing hockey, netball, football, or rugby. Music is also taught but only up to age 14. Let us not forget that art is a vital part of technology and should never be construed as a thing of the past.

The non-inclusion of arts and drama in the education curriculum is a clear indication that arts are no longer treated as important. But contrary to this belief, there have been various studies conducted on the effects of arts in students. The result shows significant achievement especially in terms of the behavior displayed by students that are exposed

Relations of Student – Teacher

To study well, you have to be hard working, industrious, curious and longing for knowledge, but there will be no result without established stable good cooperation between students and teachers, tutors or professors. The misunderstanding between the two may result into complete rejection of any matter expressed by the tutor from student’s side and complete carelessness about the interest of the auditorium. Even being a postgraduate student, one may experience cold and unconcerned guidance of the advisor while writing a thesis paper. To be successful in the future, one must resolve this problem and try to establish a fine solution. According to psychology the cause of misunderstanding with others has to be searched for in oneself. Certainly, it is not easy to convince yourself that your behavior is not proper, but something has to be done about it. You are ambitious and willing to develop and grow and you are ready to do anything to reach success. Without noticing it, you may provoke your advisor or hurt his feelings. Your genuine dissatisfaction when your thesis proposal is rejected is quite understandable. So why don’t you seek the reason not in your thesis but in your manner of behavior

Why Go To College?

1. A college education secures our future. The number of employment opportunities is greater and statistics reveal that most leaders are college grads.

2. If you have a college education you will make more money which in turn will enable you to have a better lifestyle. If a high school graduate earns US$ 34,303 annually, a college graduate will earn US$ 56,334, and a person with a professional qualification will net at least US$ 99,411.

3. It is not just earnings. A college education makes you a rounded person. It shapes your communication skills, expands your knowledge base, makes you methodical and organized, and exposes you to a whole new world of learning.

4. People with a college education have better value systems and are healthier. They are able to guide their family positively.

5. College can help you qualify in fields you are interested in. So if you are an innovator, inventor, or healer, or artist you can train in the specific field and qualify.

6. According to experts, college graduates are self confident, have greater knowledge of governance, are less likely to become criminals, are emotionally and financially secure, make better