Missing Idiom Contest

The Free Dictionary has the largest collection of English idioms in the world. But we’re always looking for more to add, and we want your help! Every so often we hear from users who have looked up an idiom on The Free Dictionary that it was not found in the database. Maybe it was some expression they heard at work, or some phrase they grew up hearing their grandmother say.

If you know an idiom that isn’t already defined on The Free Dictionary, send it to us below.


  1. Look up your idiom on The Free Dictionary to make sure it’s not already on the site. (Only real idioms that are used in real life. No made-up entries, please.)
  2. If it’s not already on the site, use the form below to send it to us. Submit as many different idioms as you can by October 31, 2023!
  3. The contestant who submits the most entries deemed valid* by The Free Dictionary editorial team will be awarded $150 USD. Two runners-up will be awarded $50 USD. Winners will be paid via TransferWise or PayPal. (Please see the list of supported countries here: https://transferwise.com/help/11/getting-started/2571942/what-countries-can-i-send-to or here: https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/country-worldwide).
* By entering this contest, you agree that Farlex, Inc. has sole discretion over the validity of entries and the selection of winners, and reserves the right to change rules and contest dates at any time. Contest is void where prohibited. Previous Winners.

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