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adv. near·er, near·est
1. To, at, or within a short distance or interval in space or time: moved the table nearer to the wall; as graduation draws near.
2. Just about; almost; nearly: was near exhausted from the climb.
3. With or in a close relationship: It turns out we are near related.
adj. nearer, nearest
1. Close in time, space, position, or degree: near neighbors; near equals.
2. Closely related by kinship or association; intimate: a near relative; a near and dear friend. See Synonyms at close.
a. Nearly occurring but not actually happening: a near victory; a near disaster.
b. Just barely avoided: a near hit by the incendiary bomb.
a. Closely corresponding to or resembling an original: a near likeness.
b. Closely resembling the genuine article: a dress of near satin; near silver beads.
a. Closer of two or more: Take the near street and then turn right.
b. Being on the left side of an animal or vehicle.
c. Being the animal or vehicle on the left.
6. Short and direct: the nearest route to town.
7. Archaic Stingy; parsimonious.
Close to: an inn near London.
v. neared, near·ing, nears
To come close or closer to: The plane neared the terminal.
To draw near or nearer; approach: as the holiday nears.

[Middle English ner, from Old English nēar, from comparative of nēah, close, near.]

near′ness n.
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at or to a place or time not far away from; close to
1. at or to a place or time not far away; close by
2. near to not far from; near
3. short for nearly: I was damn near killed.
4. at or in a place not far away
5. (postpositive) not far away in time; imminent: departure time was near.
6. (prenominal) only just successful or only just failing: a near escape.
7. (postpositive) informal miserly, mean
8. (prenominal) closely connected or intimate: a near relation.
to come or draw close (to)
a. the left side of a horse, team of animals, vehicle, etc
b. (as modifier): the near foreleg.
[Old English nēar (adv), comparative of nēah close, nigh; related to Old Frisian niār, Old Norse nǣr, Old High German nāhōr]
ˈnearness n
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adv.andadj. near•er, near•est,
prep., v. adv.
1. at, within, or to a short distance; close in space.
2. close in time: The new year draws near.
3. closely with respect to connection, similarity, etc. (often used in combination): a near-standing position.
4. almost; nearly: a period of near 30 years.
5. Naut. close to the wind.
6. Archaic. in a thrifty or stingy manner.
7. being close by; not distant: the near fields.
8. being the lesser in distance: the near side.
9. short or direct: the near road.
10. close in time: the near future.
11. closely related or connected: our nearest relatives.
12. close to an original: a near translation.
13. intimate or familiar: a near and dear friend.
14. narrow or close: a near escape.
15. thrifty or stingy.
16. (of a vehicle, single animal, or pair of animals hitched side by side) designating the left as seen from the rider's or driver's viewpoint (opposed to off).
17. at, to, or within a short distance, or no great distance, from: regions near the equator.
18. close to in time: near the beginning of the year.
19. close to a condition or state: to be near death.
v.t., v.i.
20. to come or draw near; approach.
near at hand,
a. in the immediate vicinity.
b. in the near future.
[before 900; Middle English nere, Old English nēar, comp. of nēah nigh]
near′ness, n.
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1. talking about short distances

If something is near, near to, or close to a place or thing, it is a short distance from it. When close has this meaning, it is pronounced /kləʊs/.

I live in Reinfeld, which is near Lübeck.
I stood very near to them.
They owned a cottage close to the sea.

When near and close have this meaning, don't use them immediately in front of a noun. Instead use nearby.

He was taken to a nearby hospital.
He threw the bag into some nearby bushes.

However, the superlative form nearest can be used immediately in front of a noun.

They hurried to the nearest exit.
2. meaning 'almost'

You can use near immediately in front of a noun to say that something is almost a particular thing.

The country is in a state of near chaos.
We drove to the station in near silence.

You can also use near immediately in front of an adjective and a noun to say that something almost has a particular quality.

It was a near fatal accident.
The Government faces a near impossible dilemma.

You can use near, near to, or close to immediately in front of a noun to say that someone or something is almost in a particular state.

Her father was angry, her mother near tears.
When she saw him again, he was near to death.
She was close to tears.
3. talking about friends and relatives

You can refer to someone you know well as a 'close friend'.

His father was a close friend of Peter Thorneycroft.

Don't refer to someone as a 'near friend'.

You can refer to someone who is directly related to you as a 'close relative'.

She had no very close relatives.

You can also refer to someone as a 'near relative', but this is less common.

Be Careful!
Don't confuse the adjective 'close' with the verb close /kləʊz/. If you close something, you move it so that it fills a hole or gap.

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Past participle: neared
Gerund: nearing

I near
you near
he/she/it nears
we near
you near
they near
I neared
you neared
he/she/it neared
we neared
you neared
they neared
Present Continuous
I am nearing
you are nearing
he/she/it is nearing
we are nearing
you are nearing
they are nearing
Present Perfect
I have neared
you have neared
he/she/it has neared
we have neared
you have neared
they have neared
Past Continuous
I was nearing
you were nearing
he/she/it was nearing
we were nearing
you were nearing
they were nearing
Past Perfect
I had neared
you had neared
he/she/it had neared
we had neared
you had neared
they had neared
I will near
you will near
he/she/it will near
we will near
you will near
they will near
Future Perfect
I will have neared
you will have neared
he/she/it will have neared
we will have neared
you will have neared
they will have neared
Future Continuous
I will be nearing
you will be nearing
he/she/it will be nearing
we will be nearing
you will be nearing
they will be nearing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been nearing
you have been nearing
he/she/it has been nearing
we have been nearing
you have been nearing
they have been nearing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been nearing
you will have been nearing
he/she/it will have been nearing
we will have been nearing
you will have been nearing
they will have been nearing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been nearing
you had been nearing
he/she/it had been nearing
we had been nearing
you had been nearing
they had been nearing
I would near
you would near
he/she/it would near
we would near
you would near
they would near
Past Conditional
I would have neared
you would have neared
he/she/it would have neared
we would have neared
you would have neared
they would have neared
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Verb1.near - move towardsnear - move towards; "We were approaching our destination"; "They are drawing near"; "The enemy army came nearer and nearer"
come, come up - move toward, travel toward something or somebody or approach something or somebody; "He came singing down the road"; "Come with me to the Casbah"; "come down here!"; "come out of the closet!"; "come into the room"
come near, approach - come near in time; "Winter is approaching"; "approaching old age"
drive up - approach while driving; "The truck entered the driveway and drove up towards the house"
bear down on, bear down upon - sail towards another vessel, of a ship
edge in, edge up - push one's way into (a space)
close - draw near; "The probe closed with the space station"
crowd, push - approach a certain age or speed; "She is pushing fifty"
Adj.1.near - not far distant in time or space or degree or circumstances; "near neighbors"; "in the near future"; "they are near equals"; "his nearest approach to success"; "a very near thing"; "a near hit by the bomb"; "she was near tears"; "she was close to tears"; "had a close call"
far - located at a great distance in time or space or degree; "we come from a far country"; "far corners of the earth"; "the far future"; "a far journey"; "the far side of the road"; "far from the truth"; "far in the future"
2.near - being on the left side; "the near or nigh horse is the one on the left"; "the animal's left side is its near or nigh side"
left - being or located on or directed toward the side of the body to the west when facing north; "my left hand"; "left center field"; "the left bank of a river is bank on your left side when you are facing downstream"
3.near - closely resembling the genuine article; "near beer"; "a dress of near satin"
artificial, unreal - contrived by art rather than nature; "artificial flowers"; "artificial flavoring"; "an artificial diamond"; "artificial fibers"; "artificial sweeteners"
4.near - giving or spending with reluctance; "our cheeseparing administration"; "very close (or near) with his money"; "a penny-pinching miserly old man"
stingy, ungenerous - unwilling to spend; "she practices economy without being stingy"; "an ungenerous response to the appeal for funds"
5.near - with or in a close or intimate relationship; "a good friend"; "my sisters and brothers are near and dear"
close - close in relevance or relationship; "a close family"; "we are close sympathy with..."; "close kin"; "a close resemblance"
6.near - very close in resemblancenear - very close in resemblance; "sketched in an approximate likeness"; "a near likeness"
close - close in relevance or relationship; "a close family"; "we are close sympathy with..."; "close kin"; "a close resemblance"
Adv.1.near - near in time or place or relationship; "as the wedding day drew near"; "stood near the door"; "don't shoot until they come near"; "getting near to the true explanation"; "her mother is always near"; "The end draws nigh"; "the bullet didn't come close"; "don't get too close to the fire"
2.near - (of actions or states) slightly short of or not quite accomplished; all but; "the job is (just) about done"; "the baby was almost asleep when the alarm sounded"; "we're almost finished"; "the car all but ran her down"; "he nearly fainted"; "talked for nigh onto 2 hours"; "the recording is well-nigh perfect"; "virtually all the parties signed the contract"; "I was near exhausted by the run"; "most everyone agrees"
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1. close, alongside, next to, close by, not far from, adjacent to He drew his chair nearer the fire.
1. close to, close by As we drew near, I could see that the door was open.
1. close, bordering, neighbouring, nearby, beside, adjacent, adjoining, close by, at close quarters, just round the corner, contiguous, proximate, within sniffing distance (informal), a hop, skip and a jump away (informal) The town is very near. Where's the nearest telephone?
close far, removed, remote, distant, out-of-the-way, far-off, far-removed, far-flung, faraway, outlying
2. imminent, forthcoming, approaching, looming, impending, upcoming, on the cards (informal), nigh, in the offing, near-at-hand, next Departure time was near.
imminent remote, distant, far-off, faraway
3. intimate, close, related, allied, familiar, connected, attached, akin I have no near relations.
intimate remote, distant
4. (Informal) mean, stingy, parsimonious, miserly, niggardly, ungenerous, tightfisted, close-fisted They joked about him being so near with his money.
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To a point near in time, space, or relation:
To come near in space or time:
Idioms: come close to, draw near to.
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بِالْقُرْبِ مِنَعلى مَقْرُبَه، في مَكان قَريبقُرْبقَريبقَرِيبٌ
nærnærme sig
nálgastnærri, nálægtnáinn, nákominnnálægtnálægt, nærri
artķartumaskairysnetikslus pataikymasnetoli
gandrīzpie, tuvutuvotiestuvstuvs, netāls
bližnjiblizupribližatipribližati sev bližini
gầnở gần


1. (in place) → cerca
he lives quite nearvive bastante cerca
don't come any nearer!¡no te acerques más!
so near and yet so far the shore was so near and yet so farla orilla estaba al alcance de la mano pero llegar a ella era imposible
victory was so near and yet so farla victoria parecía estar asegurada pero ese último esfuerzo para obtenerla les resultó imposible
2. (in time)
the agreement brings peace a little nearereste acuerdo nos acerca un poco más a la paz
winter is drawing nearel invierno se acerca
the nearer it gets to the election the more they look like losinga medida que se acercan las elecciones mayor parece la posibilidad de que pierdan
to be near at hand [object] → estar al alcance de la mano; [event, season] → estar a la vuelta de la esquina
3. (in level, degree)
the nearest I ever came to feeling that was whenla única vez que llegué a sentir algo parecido fue cuando ...
you as near as dammit killed me >no me mataste, pero por un pelo
that's near enough (numbers) → no merece la pena precisar más; (amount) → con eso vale
you won't get any nearer than that to what you wantno vas a encontrar otra cosa que se aproxime más a lo que buscas
the nearest I ever got to winninglo más cerca que estuve de ganar
it's nowhere near enoughcon eso no basta ni mucho menos
"have you finished it yet?" - "nowhere near"-¿has terminado ya? -qué va, me falta muchísimo
as near as I can recallque yo recuerde
4. (= almost) → casi
I came near to telling her everythingllegué casi a decírselo todo
near on 3,000 peoplecasi 3.000 personas
it's in near perfect conditionestá casi en perfectas condiciones
I could hardly see it in the near total darknessapenas lo veía en la oscuridad que era casi total
B. PREP (also near to)
1. (of place) → cerca de
I live near Liverpoolvivo cerca de Liverpool
is there a bank near here?¿hay algún banco por aquí cerca?
I sat near the fireme senté cerca de la chimenea
the schools near where I livelos colegios de mi barrio
the person nearest the doorla persona que está más cerca de la puerta
he won't let anyone near his toysno deja que nadie se acerque a sus juguetes
we don't live anywhere near Lincolnvivimos bastante or muy lejos de Lincoln
if you come near me I'll kill youcomo te me acerques, te mato
nobody comes anywhere near him at swimmingen natación nadie le llega ni a la suela del zapato
the passage is near the end of the bookel trozo viene hacia el final del libro
don't go near the edgeno te acerques al borde
we were nowhere near the stationestábamos bastante or muy lejos de la estación
2. (in time) her birthday is near minesu cumpleaños cae cerca del mío
near the end of the centuryhacia fines del siglo
3. (= almost) the sun was near to settingel sol estaba a punto de ponerse
we were near to being drownedpor poco nos morimos ahogados
she was near deathestaba al borde de la muerte, tocaba a su fin (liter)
near to tearsa punto de llorar
1. (in place) → cercano
my house is near enough to walkmi casa está muy cerca, se puede ir andando
where's the nearest service station?¿dónde está la gasolinera más cercana?
these glasses make things look nearercon estas gafas todo parece estar más cerca
he had a near miss (Aer) → por poco se estrelló (Aut) → por poco chocó
it was a near miss (target) → por poco dio en el blanco
£250 or nearest offer250 libras o precio a discutir
calculate to the nearest decimal placepara el cálculo sólo utilicen el primer decimal
he calculated the price to the nearest poundredondeó el precio a la libra entera
2. (in time) → próximo
in the near futureen un futuro cercano
the time is near whenfalta poco cuando ...
3. (in level, degree) it's the nearest thing to heaven I can think ofpara mí esto es como estar en el séptimo cielo
that's the nearest thing to a compliment you'll get from him (iro) → eso es lo más parecido a un elogio que vas a conseguir de él
a near thing she won, but it was a near thingganó, pero por los pelos
4. [relative] → cercano
your nearest and dearesttus seres más allegados y queridos
1. (in space) → acercarse a
2. (in time) it was nearing lunchtimefaltaba poco para la hora de comer
I'm nearing the end of my contractfalta poco para que venza mi contrato
he is nearing 50frisa en los 50, tiene casi 50 años
3. (in level, degree) the building is nearing completionel edificio está casi terminado
the country is nearing total anarchyel país está al borde de la anarquía total
E. VIacercarse
F. CPD the Near East Nel Cercano Oriente
near money N (Comm) → activos mpl realizables
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(in distance)
It's fairly near → C'est assez près d'ici.
My office is quite near → Mon bureau est tout près.
It's near enough to walk → On peut facilement y aller à pied., C'est assez près pour y aller à pied.
the nearest → le plus proche
Where's the nearest service station? → est la station-service la plus proche?
The nearest shops were three kilometres away → Les magasins les plus proches étaient à trois kilomètres.
(in time)proche
Christmas is quite near now → Noël est tout proche.
in the near future → dans un proche avenir
(in prices) (British, Australian) £25,000 or nearest offer → 25 000 livres à débattre
[darkness, poverty, collapse] → quasi-
in near darkness → dans la quasi-obscurité
We were sitting in near darkness → Nous étions assis, dans la quasi-obscurité.
a near tragedy
Very often tragedies or near tragedies occurred → Très souvent, des tragédies se produisaient, ou manquaient de se produire.
(= close by) [live] → près
to come near → s'approcher
Don't come any nearer! → Ne vous approchez pas!
Don't go any nearer! → Ne vous approchez pas!
to draw near [day, time] → approcher
The wedding day drew near → Le jour du mariage approchait.
near and far → d'ici et d'ailleurs
to come from near and far → venir des quatre coins du pays
People came from near and far → Les gens venaient des quatre coins du pays.
(= almost) → quasi before n; [catastrophic, perfect, fatal] → quasi
a near perfect landing → un atterrissage quasi parfait
a near disastrous exercise
BUT un exercice qui a bien failli tourner au désastre.
near enough an hour (= just about) → pas loin d'une heure
I've been working at it for near enough an hour → Je travaille dessus depuis pas loin d'une heure.
(= not at all) to be nowhere near finished → n'être pas prêt d'être terminé
nowhere near ready → loin d'être prêt
to be nowhere near good enough → être loin d'être assez bon
(in distance) [+ place] → près de
I live near Liverpool → J'habite près de Liverpool.
I stood very near them → Je me tenais très près d'eux.
He pulled her nearer him → Il l'attira vers lui.
near my house → près de chez moi
near here → près d'ici
Is there a bank near here? → Est-ce qu'il y a une banque près d'ici?
near there → non loin de là
near to → près de
It's very near to the school → C'est tout près de l'école.
to not come near sb
Don't come near me! → Ne t'approche pas de moi!
He hasn't come near us since I asked him for a petrol contribution → On ne l'a plus revu depuis que je lui ai demandé de participer aux frais d'essence.
to not go near sth
He won't go near a hospital → Il refuse de mettre les pieds dans un hôpital.
He will absolutely not go near a hospital → Il refuse absolument de mettre les pieds dans un hôpital.
(in time)proche
near the beginning of [+ match, show, book] → en début de
It happened near the beginning of the game → C'est arrivé en début de match.
near the end of [+ match, show, book] → en fin de
nearer the time of sth → lorsque l'heure de qch approchera
to near completion
The work is near completion → Le travail est près d'être achevé.
to be near sth [+ state, situation] → être au bord de qch
to be near collapse → être au bord de l'effondrement
The country was near economic collapse → Le pays était au bord de l'effondrement économique.
to be near the truth → être proche de la vérité
Her views were fairly near the truth → Ses vues étaient assez proches de la vérité.
[+ place, person] → approcher de
They neared the harbour → Ils approchaient du port.
[+ state, situation] → approcher de
They were nearing the end of their training → Ils approchaient de la fin de leur formation.
confusion, nearing hysteria → une confusion frisant l'hystérie
to be nearing completion → être près d'être achevé(e)
The building is nearing completion → Le bâtiment est près d'être achevé.
to be nearing [person] [+ age] → approcher de
He might be nearing fifty → Il devait approcher de la cinquantaine.
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= close in space or timenahe; he lives quite nearer wohnt ganz in der Nähe; don’t sit/stand so nearsetzen Sie sich/stehen Sie nicht so nahe (daran); you live nearer/nearestdu wohnst näher/am nächsten; to move/come nearernäher kommen; could you move nearer together?könnten Sie näher or enger zusammenrücken?; that was the nearest I ever got to seeing himda hätte ich ihn fast gesehen; this is the nearest I can get to solving the problembesser kann ich das Problem nicht lösen; that’s the nearest I ever got to being firedda hätte nicht viel gefehlt und ich wäre rausgeworfen worden; the nearer it gets to the election, the more they look like losingje näher die Wahl kommt or rückt, desto mehr sieht es danach aus, dass sie verlieren werden
? to be near at handzur Hand sein; (shops) → in der Nähe sein; (help) → ganz nahe sein; (event) → unmittelbar bevorstehen ? draw
= closely, accuratelygenau; as near as I can tellsoweit ich es beurteilen kann; the same size as near as dammit (inf)fast genau die gleiche Größe
? near enough (that’s) near enoughso gehts ungefähr, das haut so ungefähr hin (inf); … no, but near enough… nein, aber es ist nicht weit davon entfernt; there were near enough 60 people at the partyes waren knapp 60 Leute auf der Party
? as near as makes no difference they’re the same length or as near as makes no differencesie sind so gut wie gleich lang; it’s as near stopped as makes no differencees hat so gut wie aufgehört
= almostfast, beinahe; impossiblenahezu, fast; deadnahezu; he very near succeededfast or beinahe wäre es ihm gelungen
in negative statements it’s nowhere near enoughdas ist bei Weitem nicht genug; it’s nowhere near rightdas ist weit gefehlt; we’re not any nearer (to) solving the problemwir sind der Lösung des Problems kein bisschen näher gekommen; we’re nowhere or not anywhere near finishing the bookwir haben das Buch noch lange nicht fertig; nowhere near as muchlange or bei Weitem nicht so viel; you are nowhere or not anywhere near the truthdas ist weit gefehlt, du bist weit von der Wahrheit entfernt; he is nowhere or not anywhere near as clever as youer ist lange or bei Weitem nicht so klug wie du
(also ADV: near to)
= close to position → nahe an (+dat), → nahe (+dat); (with motion) → nahe an (+acc); (= in the vicinity of)in der Nähe von or +gen; (with motion) → in die Nähe von or +gen; to get near (to) the churchin die Nähe der Kirche kommen; he lives near (to) the borderer wohnt in der Nähe der Grenze or nahe der Grenze; the hotel is very near (to) the stationdas Hotel liegt ganz in der Nähe des Bahnhofs; move the chair near/nearer (to) the tablerücken Sie den Stuhl an den/näher an den Tisch; to get near/nearer (to) somebody/somethingnahe/näher an jdn/etw herankommen; to stand near/nearer (to) the tablenahe/näher am Tisch stehen; he won’t go near anything illegalmit Ungesetzlichem will er nichts zu tun haben; when we got near (to) the houseals wir an das Haus herankamen or in die Nähe des Hauses kamen; when we are nearer homewenn wir nicht mehr so weit von zu Hause weg sind; keep near mebleib in meiner Nähe; near here/therehier/dort in der Nähe; don’t come near mekomm mir nicht zu nahe; near (to) where I had seen himnahe der Stelle, wo ich ihn gesehen hatte; to be nearest to somethingeiner Sache (dat)am nächsten sein; take the chair nearest (to) you/the tablenehmen Sie den Stuhl direkt neben Ihnen/dem Tisch; that’s nearer itdas trifft schon eher zu; the adaptation is very near (to) the originaldie Bearbeitung hält sich eng ans Original; to be near (to) somebody’s heart or somebodyjdm am Herzen liegen; to be near (to) the knuckle or bone (joke) → gewagt sein; (remark) → hart an der Grenze sein
= close in time with time stipulated → gegen; near (to) deathdem Tode nahe; she is near her timees ist bald so weit (bei ihr); near (to) the appointed timeum die ausgemachte Zeit herum; phone again nearer (to) Christmasrufen Sie vor Weihnachten noch einmal an; come back nearer (to) 3 o’clockkommen Sie gegen 3 Uhr wieder; on the Wednesday nearest Easteram Mittwoch (direkt) vor Ostern; to be nearer/nearest (to) somethingeiner Sache (dat)zeitlich näher liegen/am nächsten liegen; near (to) the end of my stay/the play/the bookgegen Ende meines Aufenthalts/des Stücks/des Buchs; I’m near (to) the end of the bookich habe das Buch fast zu Ende gelesen; she’s near (to) the end of her stayihr Aufenthalt ist fast zu Ende or vorbei; her birthday is near (to) mineihr und mein Geburtstag liegen nahe beieinander; the sun was near (to) settingdie Sonne war am Untergehen; it is drawing near (to) Christmases geht auf Weihnachten zu; as it drew near/nearer (to) his departureals seine Abreise heranrückte/näher heranrückte
= on the point of to be near (to) doing somethingnahe daran sein, etw zu tun; to be near (to) tears/despair etcden Tränen/der Verzweiflung etc nahe sein; she was near (to) laughing out loudsie hätte beinahe laut gelacht; the project is near/nearer (to) completiondas Projekt steht vor seinem Abschluss/ist dem Abschluss näher gekommen; he came near to ruining his chanceser hätte sich seine Chancen beinahe verdorben, es hätte nicht viel gefehlt, und er hätte sich seine Chancen verdorben; we were near to being drownedwir waren dem Ertrinken nahe, wir wären beinahe ertrunken
= similar toähnlich (+dat); German is nearer (to) Dutch than English isDeutsch ist dem Holländischen ähnlicher als Englisch; it’s the same thing or near ites ist so ziemlich das Gleiche; nobody comes anywhere near him at swimming (inf)im Schwimmen kann es niemand mit ihm aufnehmen (inf)
= close in space or timenahe; to be near (person, object)in der Nähe sein; (danger, end, help)nahe sein; (event, departure, festival)bevorstehen; to be very nearganz in der Nähe sein; (in time) → nahe or unmittelbar bevorstehen; (danger etc)ganz nahe sein; to be nearer/nearestnäher/am nächsten sein; (event etc)zeitlich näher/am nächsten liegen; it looks very neares sieht so aus, als ob es ganz nah wäre; our nearest neighbours are 5 miles awayunsere nächsten Nachbarn sind 5 Meilen entfernt; these glasses make things look nearerdiese Brille lässt alles näher erscheinen; his answer was nearer than mine/nearestseine Antwort traf eher zu als meine/traf die Sachlage am ehesten; when death is so nearwenn man dem Tod nahe ist; these events are still very neardiese Ereignisse liegen noch nicht lange zurück; the hour is near (when …) (old)die Stunde ist nahe(, da …) (old); her hour was near (old)ihre Stunde war nahe (old)
fig escapeknapp; a near disaster/accidentbeinahe or fast ein Unglück nt/ein Unfall m; his nearest rivalsein schärfster Rivale, seine schärfste Rivalin; our nearest competitionunsere stärkste Konkurrenz; to be in a state of near collapse/hysteriaam Rande eines Zusammenbruchs/der Hysterie sein; round up the figure to the nearest poundrunden Sie die Zahl auf das nächste Pfund auf; £50 or nearest offer (Comm) → Verhandlungsbasis £ 50; we’ll sell it for £50, or nearest offerwir verkaufen es für £ 50 oder das nächstbeste Angebot; the nearest in line to the throneder unmittelbare Thronfolger; this is the nearest equivalentdas kommt dem am Nächsten; this is the nearest translation you’ll getbesser kann man es kaum übersetzen, diese Übersetzung trifft es noch am ehesten; that’s the nearest thing you’ll get to a compliment/an answerein besseres Kompliment/eine bessere Antwort kannst du kaum erwarten
= closely related, intimate relationnah; friendnah, vertraut; my nearest and dearestmeine Lieben pl; a near and dear friendein lieber und teurer Freund
sich nähern (+dat); he was nearing his endsein Leben neigte sich dem Ende zu; to be nearing something (fig)auf etw (acc)zugehen; she was nearing fiftysie ging auf die Fünfzig zu; to near completionkurz vor dem Abschluss stehen
(time, event)näher rücken; the time is nearing when …die Zeit rückt näher, da …


near-death experience
Near East
nNaher Osten; in the nearim Nahen Osten
near letter-quality
nSchönschrift f, → Korrespondenz- or Briefqualität f


adjauf der Beifahrerseite; (when driving on the left also) → linke(r, s); (when driving on the right also) → rechte(r, s)
nBeifahrerseite f
near thing
n that was a neardas war knapp
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1. advvicino
I like to know that you are near → mi piace sapere che tu sei (qui) vicino or accanto
near at hand → a portata di mano (event) → imminente, alle porte
to come or draw near (person, event) → avvicinarsi
come nearer → vieni più vicino, avvicinati
to bring sth nearer (to) → portare qc più vicino (a)
he came near to being drowned → per poco non è annegato
near to tears → sul punto di piangere
that's near enough → va bene così
there were 100 people there, near enough → c'erano pressappoco 100 persone
nowhere near full → ben lontano/a dall'essere pieno/a
2. prep (also near to) (of place) → vicino a, presso; (in time) → circa, quasi
near here/there → qui/lì vicino
he was standing near the door → era in piedi vicino alla porta
it was somewhere near midnight → era circa mezzanotte
it's somewhere near here → dev'essere da queste parti
the passage is near the end of the book → il brano è verso la fine del libro
his views are very near my own → è di vedute molto simili alle mie
nobody comes anywhere near her at cooking → nessuno può competere con lei in cucina
3. adj (-er (comp) (-est (superl)))
a. (in space, time) → vicino/a
in the near distance → a breve distanza
the nearest way → la via or strada più breve
£25,000 or nearest offer (Brit) → 25.000 sterline trattabili
in the near future → in un prossimo futuro
b. (relation) → stretto/a, prossimo/a
c. their win was a near thinghanno vinto di misura
that was a near thing! → per un pelo!
4. vt (place, event) → avvicinarsi a
the building is nearing completion → il palazzo è quasi terminato or ultimato
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(niə) adjective
1. not far away in place or time. The station is quite near; Christmas is getting near.
2. not far away in relationship. He is a near relation.
1. to or at a short distance from here or the place mentioned. He lives quite near.
2. (with to) close to. Don't sit too near to the window.
at a very small distance from (in place, time etc). She lives near the church; It was near midnight when they arrived.
to come near (to). The roads became busier as they neared the town; as evening was nearing.
ˈnearly adverb
not far from; almost. nearly one o'clock; He has nearly finished.
ˈnearness noun
nearby (niəˈbai) adverb
close to here or the place mentioned. He lives nearby; a cottage with a stream running nearby.
ˈnearside adjective
(of the side of a vehicle etc) furthest from the centre of the road.
ˌnear-ˈsighted adjective
a near miss
something that is almost a hit, success etc.
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بِالْقُرْبِ مِنَ, قَرِيبٌ blízko, blízký, u nær nahe κοντά, κοντά σε, κοντινός cerca, cerca de, cercano lähellä, lähi- près, près de, proche blizak, blizu vicino ・・・の近くに, 近い, 近くに ...가까이에, 가까운, 가까이 dichtbij nær, nesten bliski, blisko perto, perto de, próximo ближний, близко, около nära ใกล้ bitişik, yakın, yakınında gần, ở gần 在...近旁, , 靠进的
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a. cercano-a, próximo-a, a corta distancia;
a ___ relativeun pariente ___; [almost] casi;
adv. casi, por poco;
He, she ___ diedél, ella por poco se muere;
prep. cerca de, junto a; [at hand] a la mano;
[toward] ___ the righthacia la derecha, cerca de la derecha
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prep cerca de
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References in classic literature ?
Oolanga, having tried standing tiptoe on the highest point near, and holding the lantern as high as he could, threw the light round the edges of the door to see if he could find anywhere a hole or a flaw in the metal through which he could obtain a glimpse.
As the wind had moderated, the ship stood near to the land, so as to command a view of the river's mouth.
The author embarks with the patriarch, narrowly escapes shipwreck near the isle of Socotora; enters the Arabian Gulf, and the Red Sea.
I remember, before the dwarf left the queen, he followed us one day into those gardens, and my nurse having set me down, he and I being close together, near some dwarf apple trees, I must needs show my wit, by a silly allusion between him and the trees, which happens to hold in their language as it does in ours.
After a time we drew near the road, and as we did so we heard the clatter of hoofs and saw through the tree stems three cavalry soldiers riding slowly towards Woking.
In which drawer there was a great deal of money in gold, I believe near two hundred guineas, but I knew not how much.
About two hours after I heard somebody at or near the door of my room, and I was going to open the door, but he had opened it and come in.
AN EAGLE and a Fox formed an intimate friendship and decided to live near each other.
The new King waged fierce war upon the outlaws, soon after this, and sent so many scouting parties into Sherwood and Barnesdale that Robin and his men left these woods for a time and went into Derbyshire, near Haddon Hall.
She came near his couch and said, "Are you better to-day, my dear slave?
If they brought the child anywhere near the fire, it screamed loudly till they put it back into some cool place.
You can see this for yourself if you compare Surrey's poetry with Layamon's or Langland's, and then with some of the blank verse near the end of this book.